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Window Cleaning by Hand VS. Streaky Extension Pole work

Window cleaning has been around, well since the beginning of the creation of windows. The techniques for cleaning windows have always been changed and different people use different tools to get the jobs done. The type of tools used can often decide the outcome of how clean the windows become.

One reason why Humble Helpers LLC window cleaners are different from most window cleaning companies in Evergreen Colorado is the fact that we rarely if not ever use extension poles for cleaning high up windows. We get up and window clean each window by hand using ladders and the traditional window cleaning squeegee.

You may recall, especially at commercial properties seeing many streaks and drips coming down from the top of recently 'cleaned' windows. This is due to the fact that they decided to use a pole and clean the window quickly instead of setting up a ladder and cleaning the window by hand. Many times extension pole window cleaning leaves vertical streaks all over the windows and the frames are not wiped down. This gives Humble Helpers LLC a competitive advantage when it comes to professional window cleaning done right. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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